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    Anti-Dumping Duty on Leather Upholstered Seating from China and Vietnam Effective Immediately

    This is an announcement on Anti-Dumping Duty on LEATHER Upholstered Seating from China and Vietnam EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY.
    Newly announced CBSA measures on new and very high provisional tariffs being added to leather upholstery entering Canada and originating in China or Vietnam.
    All Leather products that are made in China & Vietnam will result in upcharges of:
    • Up to a 30-90% upcharge on the full retail price will cover a 100% duty.
    • Each factory and each item will differ from 100-300% tariff.
    • Vietnam - 30% upcharge
    • China - 90% upcharge
    Tariff is applicable for:
    • Motion Leather
    • Stationary Leather furniture; chairs, sofas, sectionals, beds, etc...
    • Leather dining chairs, stools, benches are not affected
    • Fabric covered products are not affected
    • Alder & Tweed
    • Arteriors
    • Camerich
    • Dovetail
    • Eilersen
    • Essentials for Living
    • Eurostyle
    • Four Hands  
    • Gabby Home
    • Made Goods
    • Moe's Home
    • Noir  
    • Regina Andrews
    • TOV  
    • Universal
    *Expect all Canadian Vendors to have a large increase in price on their imported leather goods, including Neuvo Living, Style in form, LH imports, Mobital, etc.
    Please connect with your Account Manager to see if your open orders are impacted and advise your account manager as soon as possible on the action your clients wish to take with regard to these orders. We will cancel the order ASAP if the client does not want to incur this upcharge.

    We are still gathering information on this rapidly developing situation and will continue to share as we receive it.
    Contact your Account Manager.

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