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  • The importance of working with an interior designer

    Besides the fact that interior designers are among the loveliest, most creative people in the industry, we can’t stress enough how working with an interior designer will completely change your entire home makeover process.

    How to help your clients choose the perfect sofa

    Our goal at CF Interiors is to set you up for success when you visit our showroom with your clients.

    an interview with sarah marie

    Since launching her design firm, Sarah is a firm believer in giving before receiving. She aims to give back in everything she does - and the results? Well, you’ll have to read more to find out!

    Spring 2022 High Point Trends and Takeaways

    Looking for inspiration and upcoming design trends? Here’s an inside look at High Point Market Spring 2022.

    Catching up with lori sellmer

    At a young age, Lori found her passion for design, working with some of Calgary's more renowned homebuilders, before entering the interior design world feet first.