For the past 8 years, the Andrew family has been operating a modern home furnishings store as The Other Room.  A concept that was created on a family holiday, where Brock Andrew was inspired to expand on the then Country Furniture product offerings.  The name coming from an ‘Other Room’ where customers could shop a curated selection of modern and contemporary styles. 

This fall will see the transition of The Other Room both in its name and its location.  The Other Room name will dissolve and become CF Modern.  The product mix, esthetic and lines offered will remain the same.  “We felt it was best to have a name that was consistent with our brand and the identity we have created over the past 40 years with CF Interiors” - Brock Andrew.

CF Interiors itself has evolved dramatically over the past few years, the direction of the store has evolved into a curated offering of products for every esthetic.  Part of the CF Interiors brand was the modern offerings at The Other Room.  With the store having a separate location, the Other Room name made this location unique both in product mix and store design. Recently CF Interiors moved their store into a new flagship location on Pemberton Ave in North Vancouver. In addition to the move, CF Interiors acquired the location next to their flagship to house the new home of the modern division of the company.  With the new store in North Vancouver and having the modern division next door it made sense to transition the Other Room name into a part of the CF Interiors umbrella, therefore becoming CF Modern. 

The new name will take affect when the store moves into their new location at 1395 Pemberton Ave, in North Vancouver this fall.  Thus, creating the combined CF flagship store including both CF Interiors & CF Modern as one massive shopping experience for customers. 

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For any open orders or requests for modern furnishings, please visit our the new location at 1365 Pemberton Avenue in North Vancouver. . The CF Modern team looks forward to seeing you!

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