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  • Deliveries, Pick-Ups + Shipping



    Please ensure to measure area where furniture will be unpacked to ensure delivery can take place. We also request that you let us know about any possible impediments to the delivery of your furniture, such as doorways or hallways smaller than 80cm/32in wide, tight corners, or steep stairwells.


    To prepare your home for a safe and quick delivery, be sure to set your rugs in their proper place and remove any possible tripping hazards, remove any frames or artwork from walls that may be susceptible to damage, secure any low-hanging light fixtures, remove doors (if necessary), and place any pets in another room of your home.

    If you live in a building that requires the use of an elevator, be sure to book its use in advance.


    Our team thoroughly inspects every product before it leaves our warehouse, however it is important that you take the time to inspect the merchandise to be sure that there are no damages or manufacturer’s defects.

    Upon delivery, you will be asked to sign as acceptance of your merchandise and affirm that it is free of damage and visible manufacturer’s defects.

    If you should notice any damages or manufacturer’s defects upon delivery of your furniture, you must note it on the Delivery & Pick Up Disclaimer while our delivery team is in your home so that we can properly assess the nature of the issue and deal with it accordingly.

    Our delivery people have the right to refuse to deliver a piece if they believe they would risk their own health and safety. Examples include, but are not limited to: icy/slippery walkways, damaged pathways, and loose animals. No refunds will be given on delivery charges of items that do not fit and are returned.


    You will have to sign off on the condition of your home after delivery has completed. Issues noticed after signing the Delivery & Pick Up Disclaimer will not be covered.

    If you notice any issues with your furniture after delivery, please contact our Claims Department at claims@cfinteriors.ca within 5 days of delivery. Should issues arise after this period, please refer to the manufacturer’s warranty. Shipping-related claims are not accepted after this 5 day period.


    Due to the vast selection of furniture and manufacturers CF Interiors and The Other Room offer, shipping times vary. If the item is something we have in stock, deliveries can usually be arranged within 10 business days.


    We can hold items for 30 days after the last item on the order arrives. After 30 days, we may charge a storage fee.


    Pickups of furniture must be arranged ahead of time, and can be done from any store, or our warehouse at:

           1060 Roosevelt Crescent

           North Vancouver, BC

           V7P 1M3

    Between 10AM and 4PM. Special arrangements for pickups can be arranged on a case-to-case basis.

    Please refer to each store for their hours.

    You must sign off on the condition of the item at time of pickup. We are not responsible for damage due to improper transportation after product has changed hands.


    We are sometimes able to arrange shipping of smaller items directly from our Vendors to you. Shipping times and charges will vary. Please consult your salesperson for specific information.