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    Sincerely Lindsay Design Co.

    An Interview With Sincerely Lindsay Design Co.

    As one of CF Interior’s long-standing interior designers, we knew we had to take some time to sit down with Lindsay Quinn Levin of  Sincerely Lindsay Design Co. We have watched her business grow to what it is today, and she is constantly pushing the boundaries, working on project after project. We’re always happy to help her execute the projects of her dreams, and love seeing them come to life on  Instagram!

    Can you tell us a little about your background and what brought you to start your design firm?

    I began my career in the arts field as a Decorative Artist over 20 years ago. I studied in London, England under a renowned British Decorative Artist by the name of Harry Levinson. When I returned home to Vancouver, I began my own decorative painting business that I ran for many years before transitioning to Interior Design. I worked at a local design firm for several years developing my skills where I eventually advanced to Senior Designer. Before long, my entrepreneurial spirit was urging me to branch out on my own again, and Sincerely, Lindsay Design Co. was born.

    How would you describe your design style and aesthetic?

    My signature style has been described as light, airy, coastally inspired with an infusion of feminine sophistication.

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    Where do you look for inspiration?

    I still love interior design magazines (particularly international ones) but mostly, it’s Instagram all the way!

    Are there any upcoming design trends you’re looking forward to?

    I'm really excited to see English Country style coming back in a big way. I’m super inspired by literally everything that  Devol Kitchens is producing these days, and I’m finding myself really attracted to the blend of antique touches in a contemporary space. Whether it's the intricately detailed patterns in a William Morris wallpaper or heavily patina'd metal finishes like unlacquered brass, I'm loving it all! There is a certain element of charm and coziness that just feels so important for our world right now.

    Which design movement is, to you, the most timeless?

    To me, the most timeless design movement is nature. When a space is authentically reflective of its geographical location, it really can't go wrong. I often talk to my clients about the fact that everything will probably look dated eventually, but if an interior is designed according to the world outside it's windows, then it's a step in the right direction.

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    double sided throw pillow

    What do you love most about being part of the design community?

    Over the years, I have met some of my most treasured friends through being a part of this industry. What I love most is that my group of designer friends is that we are entrepreneurs that truly support and inspire each other daily.

    If you could share one key design tip to really make a house feel like a home, what would it be?

    At the end of each project before everything is fully completed, I always do a final once over and add what I call a final "layer of charm" so whether that's a tiny table lamp in the kitchen that gives a soft glow in the evening, or a beautiful shimmery candle or an extra pillow on the sofa, a gilded frame... the final layer of charm for me is mostly the accessories that really make a place feel the most comfortable and more like a home.

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    white dresser

    We’ve all had to do some adjusting over the last year and a half. What challenges have you faced over this period, and how did you manage to pivot? Any key learnings you'd like to share?

    Like so many people out there, I suddenly found myself working from home alongside my husband and two children who were online learning. We'd been considering a tiny house/backyard office for about a year, and once Covid hit, we realized it was the perfect time to get serious about it. We hired a company that built us a 9' x 12' backyard office which has been an absolute god send for me. We purchased the shell of the tiny house, so that meant I was able to custom design the space and make it completely my own.  


    It's ended up being not only a quiet place to work, but has turned out to be a really inspiring space to create as well. I was fortunate enough to not have to make too many changes to how I work (besides limiting the number of face to face meetings and using Zoom quite a bit). I was so impressed and SO thankful for  CF Interiors during Covid. I was honestly in awe of how quickly they adapted to the changing world and how they pivoted their entire work model.

    What are your favourite pieces you’ve sourced from CF Interiors?

    Most of my favourite pieces from CF come from Made Goods. There is not one piece in that entire catalogue that I don't absolutely love. Each piece feels handmade and coastal but everything they produce has a very elegant, bespoke quality to it. I recently sourced the Made Goods Carmen chandelier for a project, and it was even more stunning in real life than I imagined! I'm about to get that project photographed soon and I'm so excited to see the Carmen installed in my client's dining room.


    I also recently ordered one of my forever-favourite light fixtures for my client's upcoming bathroom renovation. It's theRo Sham Beaux Malibu lightwhich is going to hang over my client's bathtub. Super excited about the gorgeous soft turquoise, beach glass beads and I can't wait to see how pretty that light will look in the space when the reno is complete!

    Where can our readers find out more about you?

    My website www.sincerelylindsaydesignco.com has a lot of information, but we are always updating Instragram@sincerelylindsaydesignco several times a week. On Instagram, people can learn a little bit more about me and my company, follow along as projects progress and also get inspired by our completed projects.