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The Perfect Sofa

Finding the perfect sofa for your client’s home is no small task. Not only does it have to be beautiful, but it also needs to fit the space, remain within budget, and suit the client’s practical needs. Choosing the right frame and fabric is only half the battle -- choosing the right cushion fill, on the other hand, is where the big decisions come into play when looking for your client’s dream sofa. On the spectrum of foam to down, cushion fill can be a divisive issue. Our goal at CF Interiors is to  set you up for success when you visit our showroom with your clients. With that said, we wanted to take some of the stress out of picking the perfect sofa, so we created a sofa cushion fill quiz to present to your clients! Keep these questions in mind when guiding your clients in the right direction, when searching for the perfect piece.


We all know that the extra-relaxed style of down sofas has taken the world by storm in recent years. And while we love the coziness they bring to a space, down cushions are not for everyone! The most important thing to keep in mind when discussing down sofas with your clients is their ability and willingness to maintain the cushions. Without proper care, down has a tendency to clump, leaving the cushions flat and lumpy. This problem can easily be avoided with frequent fluffing, which helps aerate the cushions and redistribute the down. Discussing this with your clients and being as transparent as possible will help them make an informed decision on what sofa will be perfect for their home.

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Synthetic Down

For those suffering from allergies or sensitivities to down, synthetic down is a great option - especially if your clients prefer a softer, more relaxed looking seat. Most synthetic downs like Trilium maintain their shape a little better than natural down, which is great for clients who prefer all the benefits of a soft sit - with less of a messy look than down.


Down-wrap cushions provide a happy medium between down and foam options. Down-wrapped sofas offer the coziness of down while maintaining some of the structure found in foam sofas. Down-wrapped cushions still require frequent fluffing, however, they do hold more of their shape compared to fully down cushions. Down-wrapped cushions are often also slightly more firm than pure down, meaning that they are easier to get in and out of. Especially for clients with mobility challenges, the sofa’s firmness is important to keep in mind.

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Synthetic Down-Wrap

Similar to down wrap, synthetic down wrap offers clients with allergies an opportunity to enjoy the best of both worlds. The soft overall feel of "down", paired with the foundation of a foam seat, allowing the seat cushion to keep its shape. Synthetic down holds its shape and typically springs back up once sat on, so this could be a good option for clients looking for something in between.


Foam cushions are a steadfast option when it comes to upholstered seating. Foam cushions are perfect for commercial spaces, or for clients who favour clean, modern lines and prefer a firm sit. Foam, or polyurethane, is a durable, lightweight, and versatile material. With that said, not all foam is made the same. Since its invention, different families of foam have been developed to allow for virtually endless options in density and thickness. There is no reason to think that foam can’t be just as comfortable as down options!

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With such a wide range of options available, it's easy for clients to get overwhelmed when choosing the perfect sofa. There are a lot of factors that contribute to finding the right piece, including seat density and composition. Keeping these questions in mind will help narrow the selection process so that you can confidently steer your clients in the right direction.

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