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  • Aura Swivel Recliner

    Price is based on a Manual Aura Swivel Recliner in a Grade 13 Fabric.

    The Aura armchair is a small, comfortable single chair. Whether for sleeping, reading, watching television or simply relaxing: if you are looking for a visually appealing chair with a high level of seating comfort, you are definitely making the right choice with the Aura recliner from Himolla Polstermöbel. 

    Functional yet user-friendly

    The luxury 360° swivel armchair leaves nothing to be desired when it comes to functionality. You benefit from an integrated leg rest and a - manually or electrically - adjustable backrest, amongst other things. The headrest is concealed in the backrest and can be folded out as required. You can also choose between three seat tensions - Superlastic soft, Superlastic med and a version with a spring core - so that you feel totally comfortable in your new recliner.

    DIMENSION: 34.7"H x 28"W x 35.5"D
    ETA: 1-2* weeks
    *based on stock availability


    Alternative pieces and coverings are available by special order. 

    SPECIAL ORDER ETA: 16+ weeks