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  • Magnistretch


    MagniStretch mattresses are designed to favor the lengthening of the spine, reducing muscle contractions and relieving cervical pain caused by bad postural habits. The layer with different tilted sections uses your body weight to move from the lumbar area to the cervical one, and from the lumbar area towards your feet, stretching your spine and increasing the space between the vertebrae.

    MagniStretch uses a technological patent created in collaboration with the Department of Mechanical Engineering of the University of Saragozza, through an articulated program of ergonomic tests, and it is certified by ACA AMERICAN CHIROPRATIC ASSOCIATION the the leading national association in the USA for the beneficial effect of the mattress in lengthening and relaxing the spine.

    Available in different levels of firmness, please visit in-store to try for yourself!

    Mattress Height:

    MagniStretch 12: 30 cm