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    Service Charges: Service fees are non-refundable. This includes but is not limited to: delivery fees, assembly fees, removal fees, rental fees, consultation fees, storage fees, rush fees, etc.

    Special Orders: All orders placed for products that are not CF Interiors' stock require a 50% deposit and cannot be cancelled. A restocking fee plus applicable taxes will apply. The remaining refund balance will be issued as store credit.

    • 50% Restocking Fee | rugs, wall decor, small occasional furniture, coffee tables, end tables, sofa tables.
    • 50% Restocking Fee | upholstery + leather, all dining, all bedroom, all office furniture (this includes but is not limited to custom upholstered accessories).

    Custom Orders: Any piece of furniture customized or using COM (Customer’s Own Material) is considered a custom order and is a non-refundable, final sale.

    Minimum Order Quantity: Items that are shipped in a minimum quantity (i.e. 2/per box) must be ordered in the multiples that they are shipped in. If a case pack is broken up, a 50% restocking fee will be incurred for the leftover items.

    Lighting: All lighting orders are subject to a different Restocking Policy.

    • 25% Restocking Fee | ‘Portable’ lighting fixtures - floor lamps and table lamps
    • Final Sale | ‘Installed’ fixtures - sconces, pendants, chandeliers
    • If Vendor allows RMA - all lighting has to have the boxes and packing undisturbed or return is N/A.

    Restocking fee + all shipping/handling fees applied

    Material Characteristics

    • Wood, marble and stone are natural products and may have variations in colour, shades, and grain characteristics.
    • Fabric dye lot and textural variations may occur compared to swatches. Please be advised there are no returns or claims on natural products and dye lot variance as they are not considered faulty.
    • Pilling is not a fabric defect or fault, and is not covered. It can be compared to shedding, as there are constantly new loose fibers coming to the surface. This is completely normal and will reduce once the excess fibers are gone. It does not affect the durability or functionality of the fabric.
    • Down filled upholstery will flatten and look mishapen if not cared for, it must be fluffed and re-formed regularily to maintain its shape and loft.

    Other Final Sale Items: Due to the nature of these products and health regulations, the following are not eligible to be returned and are final sale: mattresses, sleeping pillows, duvets and bedding.

    Delivery Policy

    Cancellation: 24 Hour Cancellation (Greater Vancouver and Calgary), 48 Hour Cancellation (Remaining British Columbia + Alberta) are required, or a $100 cancellation fee will apply. 72 hour cancellation is required for all large scale projects – cancellation fee based on labour + time amount

    Additional Fees: Easy access required. All deliveries include one hour on location for setup. Any unforeseen circumstances such as stairwells, door frames, door removals, lifting furniture over balconies or any unexpected issue will be billed at $35 per 15 minute increment. Delivery fees can range depending on the item, setup requirements and labour needed. Tight squeezes may result in liability and need to be signed off.
    The CF delivery team will not move existing furniture - the area must be empty at the time of delivery.
    Unforeseen circumstances may result in additional charges. Roadway must be drivable.

    Access Checks: Access checks are responsibility of the buyer. If an item does not fit due to access, there is a 50% restocking fee that applies to store credit.
    Hourly rates are $75/30 min.
    Confirm safe entry access to the building.


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