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  • Toscana Cotton Mattress Collection


    The Toscana collection is the perfect solution for those wishing to make an ethical choice without giving up anything in terms of comfort. This collection combines the support of Memoform with essential oils and eco-friendly fabrics. The excellent products of this line may safeguard the environment and also ensure a correct spinal support.

    The use of natural materials gives incredibly relaxing properties to mattresses and pillows. For instance, the essential oils inside these products are conducive to relaxation while extract of Aloe Vera favors regeneration during sleep. Two exclusive materials have been employed in the Toscana collection: Ecogreen and Geomemory. The former is flexible yet firm, ideal for guaranteeing a perfect alignment of shoulders, back and limbs. The latter supports the various body parts independently by adapting most naturally to their shape. All models come with a mattress cover in 100% organic cotton that is fresh and comfortable to the touch, combined with a 3D band to guarantee maximum breath-ability.

    Mattress Height:

    Caresse Dual 9: 23 cm
    Caresse Dual 10: 25 cm
    Grande Dual: 12: 30 cm

    Available in different levels of firmness, please visit in-store to try for yourself!